Have You Ever Wanted a Drone?

by Scott Lon January 31, 2014
We hear about drones in the news all the time, but unfortunately this one doesn’t possess the ability to gun people down. Although there’s always room for updates. The DJI Phantom 2 Vision is designed to give you the ultimate flying experience, while focussing predominantly on taking photos. Meaning that if you crash it, you […]
Two pupils leaning on a pile of books while reading on touchpad

Why Schools Should Welcome Technology

by Scott Lon January 31, 2014
If you’re like me, your school was never really that supportive of technology. You’d get told off for having your phone out, discouraged from bringing anything electronic in at all. But that needs to change, and I’ll tell you why. Not only will the introduction of more technology enhance the way we teach, it’ll also […]

Durr, Not All Watches Have Faces…

by Scott Lon January 31, 2014
Shrekstore is an independent group of two Norwegians who like to make weird stuff with a single purpose. Today, I’m going to be talking about their new range of watches, “Durr”. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t tell the time. Well, at least not in the usual way. They wish to remind us that time is […]

Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook

Facebook: 10 Year Plan

by Scott Lon January 30, 2014
When I heard that Mark Zuckerberg gave a confident speech about Facebook lasting another ten years, I couldn’t resist taking a look at what he had planned. The reason being that, in it’s current state, I really disagree with what they’re doing – which is why I was interested to see what was going to […]

Nintendo In Denial About Smartphones

by Scott Lon January 29, 2014
Whether you’re a gamer or not, Nintendo is a name recognized by everyone. Unfortunately, in recent years they are becoming far less relevant, struggling to keep up with competitors with their latest range of gimmicks and lack of effort. Whether it’s the company being stingy and not putting up the money to boost specs to […]

Are Phablets The Real Deal?

by Scott Lon January 29, 2014
Despite the awkwardly bad name, phablets are making their presence known throughout the tech industry as a possible replacement for both your tablet and mobile phone. But are they just a gimmick or will we all be using them in a few years? Admittedly, having once snubbed them, I’m now very supportive – and I’ll […]


Mobile World Congress 2014

by Scott Lon January 28, 2014
It’s only January and we’re already talking about our second technology event, Mobile World Congress. This is because the organizers like to put them all together and keep us in the dark for the rest of the year, but it still gives us a busy couple of months.The event is right round the corner, so […]

5 Gadgets I Wish Never Happened

by Scott Lon January 27, 2014
The technology industry is absolutely huge. It provides us with way more gadgets and devices than we could ever keep up with, some of which are outstanding. However, with the constant flow of things, comes the simple rule of mathematics: “A lot of things will suck”. I think it was Pythagoras who came up with […]

Hearthstone Reaches Open Beta

by Scott Lon January 27, 2014
Blizzard’s new turn based card game, Hearthstone, reached the open beta stage last week. If you’re one of the few lucky ones who already had a key, you’ll understand why the rest of us are so excited now. Having to watch others play was horrible, because it’s exactly what the gaming industry needs right now […]


5 Apps to Supplement Facebook

by Scott Lon January 24, 2014
I know it, you know it – Facebook sucks. But it seems to be the best we have at the moment, regardless of the changes they seem to make which have no user backing at all. Therefore, I see the only way forward is to support third party apps and such which will help make […]

YouTube Easter Eggs!

by Scott Lon January 24, 2014
During your day, you and over a billion other users will access YouTube – usually to burn time. What if I told you videos are not the only thing there to keep you entertained? Well, there are actually quite a few Easter eggs on the site that most people will have never heard of. This […]

5 iPhone Accessories You Must Have

by Scott Lon January 23, 2014
Despite the amazing utility you get from your iPhone, there are some great accessories available for you to supplement your experience. Some of these are minor problem solvers, others are just really cool and I felt the need to show them off. However, you can be sure that if you’re going to get any of […]

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